Sunday, July 12, 2009

Be an ATD Friend =)

ATD Fourth World Philippines is looking for friends to help us in our programs.

You can be a friend through many ways even within the confines of your homes and offices!


Answer and post the attached questionnaire in the comment box or you can email .

For any questions, please call telephone number 563.9312 or email us at

We look forward to meeting you and being our friend!

ATD Friend Questionnaire



Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:


What are your interests?

o Internet

o Blogging

o Web Design

o Writing

o Sports

o Arts & Crafts

o Drawing

o Painting

o Music

o Dance

o Theater

o Composite

o Photography

o Others

YES, I like to volunteer (please check on the programs and activities):

o Street library:

- Visit communities Saturdays or Sundays

- Storytelling and read books to children

- Teach children art & crafts, songs, musical instruments, dance or any workshops

o Festival of learning (summer program):

- Visit communities during months of April and May

- Storytelling and read books to children

- Teach children art & crafts, songs, musical instruments, dance or any workshops

- Have excursions in museums, zoos and other interesting places

- Conduct sport activities

o Project with the youth:

- Propose and conduct programs with the youth (e.g. computer skills, writing, sports, art workshop, music, livelihoods)

- Link with organizations that can help the youth

o Forums:

- Lively discussions with the adults of the communities, once a month (2nd Sunday of every month)

- Translate Filipino to English/English to Filipino during forum

- Take notes during the forum

- Write English translations after forum

o International Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty commemoration:

- Join the International Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty commemoration on October 17 at Luneta Park

- Create awareness for this national day

- Help in the preparation

o Training for ATD facilitators:

- Share your talents and skills with the facilitators

- Conduct workshops or training seminars (e.g. storytelling, computer skills, web design, writing, public speaking, photography, arts & crafts)

o Linkages:

- Help ATD link with partner organizations/individuals to support its programs

- Partnerships can be with government agencies, schools, NGOs, foundations, media publications, organizations, and private companies

o Fundraising:

- Propose and help in the fundraising activities for ATD

- Solicit donations (money, books, and art materials)

o Awareness campaign:

- Write and blog in ATD website

- Help in publicity

- Create marketing materials (brochures, flyers, and banners)

o Translation work:

- Translate from English to Tagalog/Tagalog to English some ATD documents

o Office work:

- Create and update the database of ATD friends

- Help in the annual report

Thursday, July 2, 2009