Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sponsors for One Voice

Dear ATD Friends,

On March 1 – 5, 2012, ATD Fourth World Philippines is proud to host ONE VOICE, the ATD Asian Communication Forum. It will be conducted in the Cenacle Retreat House and UP Alumni Hostel, both located in Quezon City. A day prior to the forum, February 29, we will also have a formal launch of the Walking Exhibit: Larawan ng Pag-Asa in a venue at UP Diliman.

One Voice aims to enrich the participants not only with new communication tools but to write and tell the ATD story and message to their respective countries, communities, and the public. The Forum will be participated by 20-25 full time volunteers, friends, and community members (ATD families) in Asia. It will entail expenses particularly in the venues and the participants’ meals.

We are looking for sponsors in the following:
1. Food & Beverage Sponsors:
a. Cocktails for the Opening of the Walking Exhibit on February 29, 2012, 3 p.m.
b. Picnic/Merienda Get- Together with ATD Friends, Families and the Forum participants on March 4, 2012 at UP Diliman’s Sunken Garden

2. Monetary Contribution: The budget is P8,000/participant for the entire 4.5 days event. There will be five adults joining from the ATD communities. If you wish to sponsor a community member, you can donate any amount. Every contribution will help defray the total cost.
You can deposit your contribution to this Philippine National Bank (PNB) account:
ATD Fourth World Philippines
Account #: 106784200017
PNB Pandacan branch.
For international, add: PNBMPHMM

Call us at telephone number, 563.9312 or email if you have difficulty in depositing in the said account. You may refer also your friends who own restaurants or catering businesses and organizations who are interested in being sponsors for One Voice.

Thank you and looking forward to your support in One Voice!


ATD Fourth World Philippines Team

A First in Understanding Our People

By Tracy Cruz

Inspired by Channel News Asia’s “Asian of the Year” feature on Robert Alejandro, I attended All Together in Dignity (ATD) Third World Philippines’ Street Library project last January 21, 2012 at the streets of Pandacan, Manila and this experience awakened me to a lot of hopeful realities.

It was my first time to navigate the vibrant alleys of Pandacan and it was a pleasure to meet the community who lives under the bridge, especially the kids. I never really understood the situation of the street children and being inside their neighborhood and connecting with the families gave me a different perspective of the lives that they live.

I will never forget the shame that I felt when a foreign volunteer explained to me the situation of the community who reside under the bridge. He understood, I only knew. He educated me about the people of my own country. How could this be?

Sure, I saw them everyday when they knocked on the doors of the car or when they approached me when I was walking but I never really considered what they are going through. It was so easy to judge or be rude and turn them away but when I saw the condition of their homes and the environment that they thrive in, I understood that they have no choice.

This is where ATD comes in. I admire the organization’s advocacy of giving equal chances to the poorest of the poor. What they give are not hand-outs, they have sustainable programs such as the Street library which promotes education. This is another distinct trait that I love about ATD. Instead of soliciting donations to give to the underprivileged, what they ask from volunteers are their talents.

To be able to share your talents to the needy is a great privilege. It does not cost anything except time and effort. When you feel the enthusiasm of the kids to learn and their hunger for knowledge, you realize that the only difference between the rich and the poor is the chances that we are given.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear ATD Friends,

On March 1 -5, 2012, ATD Fourth World Philippines is proud to be hosting the first Asian Communication Forum, One Voice.

The Forum aims to help and support the communication campaign of the different ATD Asian countries. It will be participated by 20 - 25 delegates (full-time volunteers, friends and ATD community members) around Asia and some other regions. The venues are Cenacle Retreat House and UP Alumni Hostel, both located in Quezon City.

During the four and half-days event, we need volunteers to help in conducting the forum. We have formed committees to support the core team.

If you are interested in being part of the committees, kindly indicate below at the reply form your interest.

You do not have to be present every day; we can arrange a convenient schedule for you.

Your support is highly appreciated in making One Voice a success!


One Voice Core Team

Robert Alejandro, Guy Malfait, Sana Sta. Ana, Gege Sugue & Tisha Timbang


Email to


Contact Numbers:

Email Address:

I am interested in joining the following committees:

¨ Fundraising Committee: Soliciting sponsors and helping raise funds for the forum.

¨ Logistics Committee: Setting up the venues (equipment & decorations) and preparing materials.

¨ Food Committee: Coordinating with restaurants/caterers regarding the meals of the participants.

¨ Transportation Committee: Organizing the transport needs of participants (renting or offering vehicles)

¨ Socials Committee: Helping in the welcoming & closing parties, activities (outside the forum) and proposed tours.

Robert Alejandro, Asian of the Year

We are very proud and happy that Robert Alejandro, a long time ATD friend, was chosen by Channel News Asia as one of the Asians of the Year.

Watch how Robert has inspired and help others!