Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Creative HeARTs 2010

From your friends at ATD Fourth World Philippines...
Merry Christmas!

These pretty parols are made by ATD families who live in poverty.
This is Creative HeARTs (our yearly Christmas project).

From the sales of this project, we will have activities that will make our Christmas special. Our families will have a livelihood from their parols and watch a Christmas concert.

Parols cost from P 100 to P 250 only. We also have lanterns and tea lamps made from recycled plastic bottles, paper, and leaves ( P 100 - P 300). To place an order, call us at 563.9312 or email us at atdmnl@pldtdsl.net.

Thank you and we hope you can share your Creative HeARTs!

View the different parols, lanterns, and tea lamps in our Facebook page.