Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fruitful Day Of Learning
By Tracy Cruz

All Together in Dignity (ATD) Fourth World Philippines in partnership with Fusion Essence, a charitable organization of Frontrow multi-level marketing firm, conducted workshops for 50 children of Hilum/Lozada on June 16, 2012 at Pandacan, Manila.

“I always like it when people are ready to share their time and talents with the children of disadvantaged communities. When you do this, you learn from each other, it’s an enriching experience for everyone,” Guy Malfait, ATD Program Director, shared. “From that moment on, the anonymous poor child has a name and a face, he or she becomes your brother or sister. As brothers and sisters, you’re responsible for each other. You can’t ignore them anymore.”

Volunteers were comprised of young entrepreneurs/networkers led by Nesty Ortiz, Frontrow’s Operations Manager. “The aim was to help the less fortunate kids and build the foundation of our company – humility, the ability to love more and do more for others,” Ortiz said. 

It was a magical day of genuine camaraderie. When the rain poured on the streets of Hilum/Lozada during the storytelling, we transferred to the ATD office and had fun walking to the venue.  We were one team, a family united by unconditional love. We protected and looked after each other.  Even the rain failed to damper the high spirits of volunteers, facilitators, and the kids.

The youth volunteers generously devoted their time and talents to the little ones.  The workshops included singing, dancing, and arts and crafts and the kids were grouped into several age groups (2 – 16 yrs old) to match their level of learning. The children had so much fun learning and they proudly showed off their artworks of paper folding mobiles, blow art, activity sheets and gamely performed their songs and dance numbers. There were several spontaneous dance showdowns were the kids enjoyed friendly competition while the adults lovingly watched and some even danced. The gifts of talent were given and received whole-heartedly and it was a beautiful event.

Let us live in a world empowered by compassion, understanding, and love. May the seeds of charity continue to grow in our hearts and bear fruits which sustain the plight of the poor.  ATD welcomes partnerships and volunteers.  For inquiries, contact ATD at 5639312 or Guy Malfait at 09474237238.