Saturday, June 13, 2009

Festival of Learning 2009

Last summer, the ATD volunteers and friends visited four communities for the Festival of Learning... a yearly activity where children in poverty participate in art workshops and summer excursions. This year's theme is the "Rights of the Child" in preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of the Children's Rights.

The unpredictable weather may have created some havoc in the schedule but this did not dampen the spirits of the families, volunteers, friends and especially the children.

In the four communities (Hilum, Lozada, North Cemetery and Under the Bridge in Quirino Avenue) , the children created beautiful artworks like paper flowers, picture frames, and animal caps. The older children created their very own "Rights of the Child" Journal. The wrote and drew their own interpretations of their rights.

The highlight of the Festival was making the Friendship Train using recycled shoe boxes and magazines. The Friendship Train is based from a children's book depicting friendship among children. After reading this book, the children from the different communities collaborated with each other in making their train.

What made this year's Festival truly special is participation of new friends and groups like the Minstrels of Hope, group of theater dance performers and "Sama Ka Na" (Japanese volunteers).

Till the next Festival of Learning, we hope more new friends can join us!

Photos courtesy of Ry Sedrick Bolodo and Shirley Marsh

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