Friday, October 9, 2009

October 17, International Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty

Dear Friends,

October 17, International Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, is approaching.

The celebration of this day has been initiated in 1987 on the Human Rights Plaza in Paris by the poorest themselves, through ATD Fourth World, by the laying of a Stone in honor of the victims of poverty. In 1992, the United Nations has recognized it as an International day.

In the Philippines, the Government has declared it a National Day and even National Week for Overcoming Extreme Poverty from October 17 to 23.

Through the years we must not forget that this day primarily is the one for the voices of the poorest to be heard, and a day for people to learn through and with them how, together, we can build a future of peace and justice for all.

In the world, different events will be held and will gather people from different cultures, faiths, backgrounds who refuse to think poverty as a fatality.

In Manila, through the National Anti Poverty Commission, the Government organizes an official commemoration around the Replica of the Stone in Rizal Park (between the Auditorium and the Japanese garden).

Together with the families of the poor communities we are involved with,we invite you to join us for this Commemoration at 9 AM in Rizal Park.

We hope very much you will be able to come for this day, which is an important one to show our solidarity with the people living in extreme poverty.

However, even if it is not possible for you to be present, wherever you will be, we invite you to pay attention to the lives and hopes of the poorest,

Sincerely yours,
ATD Fourth World Core-Workers

Sarah Ortega, Elisabeth Lavrand and Anne-Sylvie Laurent

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