Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Dear friends,

This year 2009 remembered us that 20 years ago a Convention on the Rights of the Child has been pronounced by the United Nations.

In the Philippines, three children have gone to Geneva to deliver messages to the international community.

This summer, during the Festival of learning in their community, they have also expressed themselves.

Victor says:
‘’I have the right to have a family who will love me, so that in my studies they will be my inspiration. I have the right that my family will take care of me, and when I finish my education I will be the one to take care of them’’.

Leah tells us:
‘’I need the help of the government so I can defend my rights. I have the right to defend other people and myself’’.

We notice these children are aware of the role they can play, now and in the future, towards their family and the society in general, having rights and responsibilities. Once more they make us understand that we need to listen to them.

Emmanuel Levinas, a philosopher, was saying: ‘’The I, in front of others, is infinitely responsible’’.

So this new year to come, let us, adults, continue to support each other, families and their children in order for the latter to be able to grow and develop themselves as future citizens.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!

From ATD Fourth World Philippines

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