Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Voices_3: “Our priorities”

In our previous Voices, we told you that we have to choose “our priorities.”  
Why? With our income we cannot spend on everything.  
Based on the survey and interviews, our priorities are our children’s education and our livelihood. Food came in third. Of course, housing is also important as we do not wish our children to stay in such places.

I became interested in the study group because it is about education and housing. Those two things are all I dream of for my grandchildren. I want to find a way, while I can and while I am still alive, so that they will finish their education.  It will give them more chance to find a decent job.
In the family, we often lack of money.  I have a neighbour who owns a sari-sari store. Her son is a classmate of my grandson. When they have projects, my neighbor will give me money and I will buy the material for both of the students. It is a form of agreement I have with my neighbour.  
I want my grandchildren to leave the cemetery. It is crazy here. Anywhere you go, you see the dead. Many people ask me, “Do you want them to grow up there?”  I answer: “No, who wants that kind of life for her grandchildren? It’s just that there is not much I can do about it.”
A grandmother living in a cemetery


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